In my childhood, I often woke up early morning by hearing domestic sewing machine sound operated by my mother. She used to sew and knit for us. I was not permitted to touch the machine, as it is dangerous for kids, but since then my curiosity about sewing, clothing, knitting was booming which brought me here today.
Hi, This is Mirza, I am a Fashion designer based in Europe, specialized in Denim and Graphic design. I graduated in Fashion design & technology from Bangladesh and India, later persuaded my Master's degree from Germany. With several years of extensive work in Bangladeshi garments industry and European retail brands, combined with my creative ideas and resourceful business sense, I am able to provide complete design and sourcing solutions for clothing and fashion companies.
I am always trying to come up with new ideas and narratives for the commercial design collection. This is because I love nature, I get inspired by people, I am influenced by their act, varieties and day to day life activities. I try to understand people's psychology, feel their feelings. Sometimes we need to open our minds to focus one small small things happening surrounding us. I am a born learner, every day I learn, I read books, society, people and the Earth.